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What I'm Cooking This Weekend . . .

Spring has finally made an appearance-and with it a reason to celebrate!

What better way to celebrate than with a festive cocktail.

So in honor of Spring I'm sharing one of my favorites with you, the Gingersnap Martini. This cocktail is citrus forward with has a nice ginger 'bite' and a splash of Champagne for big effervescent bubbles.

This Gingersnap Martini pairs beautifully with a wide array of dishes-and definitely stands alone as a 'sipping' cocktail. I've decided to share it as a video this week, with a few added surprises! You can pick up my cookbook, Field Peas to Foie Gras: Southern Dishes with a French Accent, on my website-along with a jar or two of Shimmer Sugar.


Chef Jenn

Purchase Shimmer Sugar and Field Peas to Foie Gras: Southern Recipes with a French Accent HERE


Chef Jennifer's

Cooking Tips:


Plan your menu around your grocer's weekly sales ad. Your ingredients will be in stock, in season, and on sale!


Shop, Cook & Eat Seasonally. In-season produce is fresh, inexpensive, and tasty!


Cook Once & Eat Twice. Cook a double batch of dishes like soups, beans and chili-for those days you don't feel like cooking!

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