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Juneteenth Jubilee Hibiscus Lemonade is BAACK!

Juneteenth Jubilee Hibiscus Lemonade Punch Mix is back-for a limited time.

This brainchild of Chef Jennifer Hill Booker is a nod to her Southern heritage, time spent

creating infused spirits, tea blends and shrubs-and most importantly her desire to share

this epic drink mix with the public at large.

What makes this Hibiscus Lemonade genius is that you just add water!

That means you can make each pitcher of Hibiscus Lemonade has sweet as you like-or add a scoop or two to your favorite adult beverage-mine is tequila.

The little scoop, that comes with each 16oz jar, is just adorable-as is the sticker on top of the jar lid.

Each container of JJP has hibiscus blooms, lemon zest, dehydrated honey crystals and has

a vibrant pink & green label that's decorated with hot pink hibiscus blooms and bright lemon slices-along with a brief history of what Juneteenth actually is.



Chef Jennifer's

Cooking Tips:


Plan your menu around your grocer's weekly sales ad. Your ingredients will be in stock, in season, and on sale!


Shop, Cook & Eat Seasonally. In-season produce is fresh, inexpensive, and tasty!


Cook Once & Eat Twice. Cook a double batch of dishes like soups, beans and chili-for those days you don't feel like cooking!

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