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Everyday Habits That Make You Happy!

photo credit Mi Pham

Think Thoughts of Gratitude!

If we think positive thoughts, we wind up feeling positive—and happy. So, if you want to change how you’re feeling, change how you frame your thinking. Studies have found that an extremely effective way to instill positive thoughts and attitudes is to practice gratitude. Consider the things you are grateful for, as well as the people you are grateful to have in your life. When you're feeling down, remember that list-and try and add to it everyday.

Keep Moving!

A healthy, active woman in her nineties was asked for her secret to a long life. She had a two-word answer: keep moving. She believed that once you stop being active, you eventually can’t be active. You do not need to go to the extreme of living at the gym (unless you really want to). Just inserting some short periods of activity into your daily routines makes a huge difference in how you feel. So Get Up and Get Moving!

Calm Your Mind.

Spending too much of your time problem-solving, planning, or mulling over negative thoughts can lead to anxiety, stress, and unhappy feelings. A more effective way to take your attention away from this type of thinking is to practice mindfulness—what some call meditation. Simply stay in the present moment, get quiet, and focus on your breathing. Just five minutes of this mindful exercise first thing in the morning can set you up to face the day-and five minutes before bed can ease you into a sound night’s sleep. There are several phone apps that can help you get started.

Stay Connected.

Connecting with others improves your sense of community and belonging. Satisfying your social needs makes everyone feel good. The last year has shown even the most introverted among us what an impact social connections have on individual well-being. Putting out the effort to connect with family, friends, and business associates will let you experience kinship and support. As technology improves, software like Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, and other video calls, texts, emails, and social media platforms are connecting people in novel ways.

If you don’t have time to reach out directly? Simply thinking kindly about someone can also heighten your sense of connection, even if the other person doesn’t know you have them in mind.

photo credit Dylan Sauerwein

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