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My Restaurant, Bauhaus Biergarten, Opening Soon!

Yes! You read that right.

After years in the hospitality industry, my dream of owning a restaurant is coming true.

Bauhaus Biergarten--a German style bar & outdoor biergarten, is opening this Summer in the Arts District of downtown Springdale, Arkansas.

Most chefs I know dream of opening their own restaurant and showcasing their style of cooking. I am no exception. Throughout my culinary career I've often thought about the restaurant I would open. I've dreamed of every detail, from the menu, to the layout and even down the what style dishes and flatware I would use. So when I met my like minded business partner, Daniel Hintz, at a food festival in Bentonville Arkansas (over a really bad bottle of bourbon)--my dreams began to come true. Because as it turns out, chefs aren't the only people that dream of opening restaurants. And in Daniel's case, his dream was to open a bar.

Over the next several years we combined our dreams and Bauhaus Biergarten was born. I will admit that it takes more than dreams to build a restaurant. It has been really hard, especially in the height of a pandemic. Luckily, we've had so much family, friends and community support that even during the days of, 'What the %#&! are we doing', we've persevered. And in just a couple of months we'll be able to share our dreams and hard work. I'm proud and excited that we're buildingwhat I believe to be the ideal place to enjoy a beer, a brat and an outdoor vibe.

So take a look below, spread the word, head out to Springdale and allow me to pull you an ice cold beer at Bauhaus Biergarten.


Chef Jenn

Who is Bauhaus Biergarten?

Bauhaus Biergarten offers a unique experience to Northwest Arkansas. Merging elements of the small cafés and biergartens that dot the landscape of Germany that founder chef Jennifer Hill Booker experienced during her time living in Paris and Bavaria. With the distinctive German-American vibe of founder Daniel Hintz’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Envisioned as a destination for the entire community, Bauhaus Biergarten will not only be providing an array of German, European and Wisconsin beverages and dishes, but will also offer collaborative dinners with chefs from around the country. There will also be regularly scheduled visual and performing arts as part of the concept programming.

Whether you want to explore a wide variety of German beer and wine, discover new tastes from Wisconsin-based breweries, or enjoy a wide variety of cuisine from the biergarten’s 1967 Airstream food truck, the Bauhaus Biergarten team invites you to join us!

Want to be a Stein Club Member?

Doesn't matter is you live in NWA, visiting or just love beer-there's a membership level for you.

Bauhaus Stein Club

$100 Annual Fee

A social club for beer enthusiasts, this membership is renewed annually.

Membership Includes:

Specially designed T-shirt, with a new design each year.

Use of Special 'Members Only Stein' while in the Biergarten.

Invitations to Members Only Tap Takeovers + Wine Tastings.

Ticket discounts to special events and culinary classes.

Discount for participation in Bauhaus CSA.


Grundstein Club


Named after the German word for a building's foundation stone. These Members become our anchor supporters in the launch of this unique Northwest Arkansas culinary experience. Buying into this special relationship is only available in our first year of operations and the benefits befit this special relationship between Bauhaus Biergarten and the Grundstein Club members.

Membership Includes:

$250 one-time gift card for Bauhaus use.

A special annual event for Grundstein Club Members Only.

Special German beer stein with nameplate to be used at Bauhaus.

Engraved nameplate on the Grundstein Club Wall of Awesomeness.

Especially designed T-shirt, with a new design each year.

Invitations to Members Only Tap Takeovers and Wine Tastings.

Ticket discounts to special events and culinary classes.

Discount for participation in Bauhaus CSA.

Join Here

Dreams Do Come True

Chef Jennifer's

Cooking Tips:


Plan your menu around your grocer's weekly sales ad. Your ingredients will be in stock, in season, and on sale!


Shop, Cook & Eat Seasonally. In-season produce is fresh, inexpensive, and tasty!


Cook Once & Eat Twice. Cook a double batch of dishes like soups, beans and chili-for those days you don't feel like cooking!

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