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Chef Jennifer Hill Booker takes Atlanta Food & Wine Festival by storm!

Chef Jennifer Hill Booker is doing the 2018 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival in a big way! As a member of the festival's first time, All Female Advisory Council, Chef Jennifer is taking her job seriously with events all weekend long!

Friday afternoon you'll find chef Jennifer cooking at AF&FW NEW 2018MASTER STUDIOS: DOWN TO THE ASH. The New Way to Workshop presented by Southern Living , explores cooking and eating everything from the rooter to the tooter and bits to ash.

Chefs throughout the South have long embraced whole-animal cookery and experimented with the flavor of fire by charring vegetables, burning beef, and even infusing charcoal into oil. As the industry increases its focus on reducing waste, these two concepts have found a natural alignment. During this Master Studio, participants will explore whole animal cooking techniques and how to utilize nature’s elements in each dish. The Studio will give participants new grilling skills and a commitment to using the "un-useable" odd bits to make grilling creations as memorable as they are delicious.

Saturday is a walk in the park for chef Jennifer-Piedmont Park, that is. Saturday's Tasting Tents are designed to take guests on an epicurean journey through the South and are not the typical festival tasting experience. Come by and say hello to Chef Jennifer Booker Saturday, from 6pm-9pm at Greensward Promenade-Piedmont Park, pick up a copy of her newest cookbook, Dinner Deja Vu: Southern Tonight, French Tomorrow, and sample her dish~Georgia Pecan & Olive Oil Poached Verlasso Salmon.

Sunday is Brunch Day in the South and AF&FW does is BIG. There is no better way to wrap up a weekend of eating and drinking than with a Southern-Style Brunch featuring our region's most notable breakfast dishes paired with our favorite breakfast brews – coffee, beer and cocktails. This stationed event will feature in showdown fashion two renditions of various brunch classics. Chef Jennifer will be showing the crowd what makes a delicious Hoe Cake, why her Smoky Pimento Cheese is considered one of the best, and some Brown Sugar Bacon thrown in to makes Brunch the real winner.

See you there!!

Chef Jennifer's

Cooking Tips:


Plan your menu around your grocer's weekly sales ad. Your ingredients will be in stock, in season, and on sale!


Shop, Cook & Eat Seasonally. In-season produce is fresh, inexpensive, and tasty!


Cook Once & Eat Twice. Cook a double batch of dishes like soups, beans and chili-for those days you don't feel like cooking!

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