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Canned vs Fresh: What's your Cranberry Favorite?

I have to be honest . . . I love sliding the jellied cranberry 'sauce' out of the can, into a bowl and setting it on the Thanksgiving table. I also love how it already has the perfect lines telling you where to cut your slice of cranberry sauce. And I really love how nicely it lays on the bread of my leftover-after-Thanksgiving-sandwich.

And then I had my first mouthful of fresh cranberry relish-and I was sold! I've since converted to the fresh side of the cranberry aisle! Not convinced? Let me help by sharing my favorite Cranberry Orange Relish recipe-You'll be Thankful that I did!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chef Jennifer

Cranberry Orange Relish

Yields: about 4 cups


2 cups fresh cranberries

1 cup dried cranberries

½ cup sugar

½ cup dark brown sugar

1 large orange, peeled and segmented

1 teaspoon orange zest

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 cup water

1/4 cup orange liqueur (optional)

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 pinch salt


Combine all the ingredients into a medium-sized, heavy bottom sauce pan.

Bring up to the first boil and then reduce to a low simmer, stirring occasionally.

Simmer the mixture until the cranberries burst and the relish thickens, about 45 minutes.

Remove from heat and allow the relish to cool.

The relish will thicken as it cools.

Serve with your Thanksgiving Turkey and leftover relish goes great on biscuits, pancakes, and even as a pie filling.

From Field Peas to Foie Gras: Southern Recipes with a French Accent by Jennifer Hill Booker, © 2014 Jennifer Hill Booker, used by permission of the publisher, Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Chef Jennifer's

Cooking Tips:


Plan your menu around your grocer's weekly sales ad. Your ingredients will be in stock, in season, and on sale!


Shop, Cook & Eat Seasonally. In-season produce is fresh, inexpensive, and tasty!


Cook Once & Eat Twice. Cook a double batch of dishes like soups, beans and chili-for those days you don't feel like cooking!

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