his book, reasonably priced as it may seem, is actually a monument of human ingenuity. 

Cooking, you see, is what separates us from the animals. No other animal cooks its food. Even the so-called "great apes" must labor all day, foraging and chewing, and still never knowing the delicate pleasure of a Serviceberry Clafoutis (page 32), or a the sublime sweet and savory duo that is a Georgia Peach and Fresh Corn Hoe Cake (page 52). 

Concrete Jungle: A Foraged Fruit Cookbook tells the story of a season of fruit in our great city and state, featuring over 40 recipes for 14 varieties of forageable fruit, flower and nut from chefs, clients, volunteers and friends as well as beautiful photographs from 20 talented photographers. Where else can you find a recipe for Kudzu Lemonade (page 74), Flying Dragon Limoncello (page 109), and Mulberry Sorbet (page 18) in one place? That's right: nowhere else. Don't even look.

Our mission is to share dignified, abundant fruit that grows wild all over Atlanta in a way that uplifts, nourishes, and empowers fellow Atlantans in need.  All proceeds will go toward our efforts to grow and forage more fresh produce for soup kitchens and food pantries around Atlanta and the state of Georgia.


Concrete Jungle: A Foraged Fruit Cookbook